Creeping in the (Creeping) Thyme

Neat bee day today for me with the camera. Been gone a few days and when I went out for about ten minutes this afternoon, it seemed like a normal, summer bee day. As I mentioned more than several times this spring, the bees seemed scarce. Not today! Filled the buffer and was wishing for a second camera.

There were lots on the creeping thyme (I think that’s what it is) and here’s a good one with good detail of the bee and the plant itself. Really like the colors and detail. And the glistening on her wings. Just a good bee on a good day!

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Honeybee on the Creeping Thyme – again

Like the detail on this one a lot. Didn’t have much time to shoot yesterday, but I got a few good ones, maybe. This particular ground cover is really a go-to for me when I cannot find bees elsewhere. Always several on it posing for me. And it persists all Summer.

Trying something new today – seems that if the tags in the upper left are present (at least on the browser version (vs. the phone), it squishes the pic some – robs it of size. So perhaps if I put it under some narrative, you’ll get the full 1000px. Cannot figure out a good way to make the pictures enlarge in a pop-out yet.

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Thyme Keeps on Creeping…

Apologies to Steve Miller

On the Creeping Thyme today. They seem to love it. And it’s a great ground cover. Love this time of year on the first run of blossoms (see the not-yet-fired buds?). Got great shots on strawberries, thyme, and catmint today. Stay tuned.

Also, I think the 10th of May will be the 100th day of a daily bee. Expect something fun on the tenth.

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