Great Color on the Cone Flower

Fantastic bumble face today. They sure love the cone flower. That one throws its pollen in concentric rings as it opens…and really throws it for a long time. Even after the petals get all nasty looking. Don’t cut them off until the bees stop visiting…and then maybe do a little research into the medicinal value of what’s left. Apparently it makes a great tea.

In the world of photography, it’s a heresy to have the foreground out of focus (usually). I agree a little. But this one, for me, with the leading petal out of focus and the bee’s face tack sharp, is an archetypal bee-on-a-flower shot. A look I really like. And really impossible to shoot otherwise and still keep depth in the rest of the photo. So…read the rules, learn the time-honored techniques, and then strike out on your own. In photography and otherwise.

Also, this site has been getting a LOT of hits from Singapore lately. I’ve got no idea why, but welcome! Please feel free to share the link with any whom you think might enjoy. I don’t do any social media to promote it – or really do much otherwise – so spread the word and share the joy here.

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Interesting Depth on a Pretty Wrecked Cone Flower

Posting a few days in advance. Heading out to Fountain Hills, AZ for the art festival there.

This pic tickles me some. The flower is a mess, but it is still opening up in the middle and throwing pollen. So…if you have these, don’t deadhead them until the bees are done with them. Really an odd thing because they keep providing pollen long after the petals have started to look nasty. You know there’s a lesson in that…

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Beautiful Bee – Neat Cone Flower

Seems August is a really busy month. Didn’t even pick up my camera yesterday so today’s shot is from earlier this month. I especially like what the diagonal penstemmon adds to the shot. Nothing all that special about this one – which is really saying something. Isn’t nature herself gorgeous?

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Back-end up Bee at the Ogden (Utah) Botanical Gardens

This might be a better illustration of what I described a couple of days ago. Pollenbutt, too.

Yesterday, on the way back from errands, I stopped at the Ogden Botanical Gardens to shoot some bees. Really like the place. While there is a skeleton full-time staff directing the enterprise, much of the work on the upkeep is done by volunteers.

The other neat thing about it is that it’s free – and open from sunup to sunset. In my travels, I often look for municipal/public gardens. Normally, there’s a cost to enter – and lately, with the covids, you have to make an appointment to enter. Not so here. If you’re in the Ogden area, a visit is worth the time. You’ll be well rewarded.

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