Bonus: Ladybug by Request

Been sitting on this one for a few days (not having found time to post it). But at the art festival last weekend, a woman asked if I had any prints of ladybugs. Didn’t have any on hand, but I did promise to post this shot (several others to be seen on this site by clicking on the “ladybug” tag). Fun one on the foliage of the California poppy.

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Still Some California Poppies

Here’s a great leafcutter on a California poppy. They seem to be fading. This is the “abdomen up” bee and I really like its shape and eyes.

Good to be back for a day. Headed up to a Festival in Whitefish, Montana tomorrow. Got to shoot a little yesterday late in the day. Really miss that when I’m on the road – and I can’t seem to figure out how to make time to shoot when I’m in such neat places. Really need to do that. Great sunrise yesterday morning and hadn’t brought a lens that would do it justice. Shaking my head…

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Strange Light – Metallic Green Sweat Bee in a California Poppy

Lately I’ve been shooting very late in the day. Nearly dusk. So much to do. So Tuesday of this week, I thought I’d try in the morning before the sun crested the mountain. The light is lots cooler than in the evening. But I managed to get a good grab on the California poppy that was just opening. Love these little metallic-looking sweat bees. And this one has her wings wide…just leaving that bloom.

I’ll be at the Logan Summerfest Art Festival or Faire or whatever it’s called today. It’s at the fairgrounds and my booth is full of neat shots. Come have a look if you’re in the area. It runs from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., I think. Madness.

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Tucked into the California Poppy

Dang. These pictures look so much better at full resolution.

Love the pollen bucket, the pollen all over, and the grains on her eye. They don’t stay on the poppies very long, and the slightest breeze and they’re all over the place. Tough to get an in-focus shot like this. Love this flower, too. Has prettymuch taken over part of a rock garden late in the season. Silly thing opens late and closes early. Anyway…

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Honeybee on an Allium

That bonus color in the background is a California poppy. A little contrived, maybe, but it’s a neat shot nonetheless. This is one of the later-blooming alliums (allia? alliae? ha!) and kind of spins out and looks raggedy when it starts to release pollen. They’re kin to onions and one of their common names is Ornamental Onion. So many varieties, too, and the pollinators love them when they’re throwing pollen.

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