Tucked into the California Poppy

Dang. These pictures look so much better at full resolution.

Love the pollen bucket, the pollen all over, and the grains on her eye. They don’t stay on the poppies very long, and the slightest breeze and they’re all over the place. Tough to get an in-focus shot like this. Love this flower, too. Has prettymuch taken over part of a rock garden late in the season. Silly thing opens late and closes early. Anyway…

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Honeybee on an Allium

That bonus color in the background is a California poppy. A little contrived, maybe, but it’s a neat shot nonetheless. This is one of the later-blooming alliums (allia? alliae? ha!) and kind of spins out and looks raggedy when it starts to release pollen. They’re kin to onions and one of their common names is Ornamental Onion. So many varieties, too, and the pollinators love them when they’re throwing pollen.

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