Bumble on a Cone Flower

Not much to say about this one. But lots to like.

Looks like it’s going to warm up in the next few days…and that means the bees will be out for more than an hour or two. So much is starting to bloom. Those fireworks in slow motion. The squills and crocuses are fading being replaced by more daffs and tulips. The viburnum and forsythias are firing. I love spring.

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Bumble with Salvias (I think)

Nice profile of a big bee. The salvia on the right is in front of the bee…and that’s supposed to be bad form, photographically. So indulge me and pretend that it’s behind the bee. Neat shot otherwise.

One of the things that impresses me is the variation in size. Was just now looking through a folder that had shots of a native not much bigger than a grain of rice. I’ll bet 100+ of them could fit in this bumble. It’s kind of fun to watch what the really gracile flowers/stems do with the weight of the bees. Some of these larger bumbles will pull things like the fame flower all the way to the ground. Digressing again.

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FIFTIETH Bee-of-the-Day Post!! Messy Bumble on a Sunflower

Bumble in Profile on a Sunflower

Something seems wonky with the colors on this one. But I swear I saw yellow and blue through the lens. Maybe I applied the DisneySuperTechnicolor Filter or something??? Perspective is a little weird, too. Oh, well. Love it or don’t.

By the way, this is the fiftieth consecutive day of “bee of the day”. Ambitious project for sure. But I’m sure enjoying it. Hope you are, too.

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Psychedelic Bumble?

Bumble on a flower whose name I wish I knew

Kind of a wild shot, but I like it lots. Someone out there must know the name of this flower. If you do, please post a comment or send me an email. Shameful…

Not much narrative tonight. Getting ready for the art festival in Litchfield, AZ this weekend and there’s always more to do. And, it seems, I do more slowly than I’d like.

So love the bee. That’s enough for today.

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Bumble in the Lavender

Bumble in the Lavender

Lavender is fantastic for pollinators. There’s even an extra in that shot…not particularly a pollinator by definition – but passively/accidentally doing it as it moves from flower to flower.

I’m not sure of the variety of Lavender. After a few years in the garden, when other varieties are present, they kind of tend to invent their own variants. Pretty though. And teeming with bees and other critters.

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A Bumble from Red Butte

Another shot from Red Butte Garden (described in yesterday’s post). Something tells me I really should know what this flower’s called, but don’t. One of the hazards of leaving my own yard.

If you look very closely, you might see another critter peeking out from somewhere. I think that the close-ups are usually more compelling, but this one from a little farther out grabbed me. The attitude of the bumble and the blossom seem to work nicely together.

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