Overtime 001 – Ha!

So in my randomizing, I started out by pulling 200 shots – thinking that I’d get maybe 100 that I’d publish for today. And it’s true – I lost a good few. Some were flowers. Some were too dark to work with quickly. Even a couple I’d already posted. But…I ended up with some leftovers.

So…as I can for the rest of the day, I’ll try to get them up. Also shot a few this afternoon that I’d like to post – if only to have some fresh stuff in 100+ (emphasis on the plus) bee day.

Love, love, love this shot. That tongue. Plus the huntii is such a cool bumble. It’s on a Russian Sage.

Back in a bit to continue. Other responsibilities beckon…and I didn’t think posting what I have would take this long. Such fun, though. I love these little ones. They lift.

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Bee 099 – Bumble on a Cone Flower

This is one of my all-time favorite bumble shots. It’s a Brown-belted on a Cone Flower. I think one of the compelling things about it is its left, back leg. Clearly helpful. Maybe like those jacks out of the cherry-picker trucks – stability? Anyway, I like the way the bee mirrors the shape of the middle of the flower. And that the focus is so much on the bee. The whole think kind of radiates.

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