A Real Rarity – Bumble and Iris

Sooooooooo many irises around here. Probably 50+ different varieties of shorties blooming presently in the gardens. And so many more to come. But… Super rare to catch a bee on one – let alone a bumble. I think this is a queen, too. She was kind of rough on the blossoms. Looked like she was wrestling with something inside. This is a pic of her heading in:

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Great Color on the Cone Flower

Fantastic bumble face today. They sure love the cone flower. That one throws its pollen in concentric rings as it opens…and really throws it for a long time. Even after the petals get all nasty looking. Don’t cut them off until the bees stop visiting…and then maybe do a little research into the medicinal value of what’s left. Apparently it makes a great tea.

In the world of photography, it’s a heresy to have the foreground out of focus (usually). I agree a little. But this one, for me, with the leading petal out of focus and the bee’s face tack sharp, is an archetypal bee-on-a-flower shot. A look I really like. And really impossible to shoot otherwise and still keep depth in the rest of the photo. So…read the rules, learn the time-honored techniques, and then strike out on your own. In photography and otherwise.

Also, this site has been getting a LOT of hits from Singapore lately. I’ve got no idea why, but welcome! Please feel free to share the link with any whom you think might enjoy. I don’t do any social media to promote it – or really do much otherwise – so spread the word and share the joy here.

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Golden Bumble (Pollenbottom) on a Salvia

I really want to say pollenbutt. But that might be uncouth. Dang. Guess standards are changing. Pollenabdomen? Just doesn’t have the same ring. Have a look at the tongue. You can see its split. And that pollen all over the place. Came from a different flower – not the salvia.

Look for fresh pics tomorrow. Had to get into September last for the past few days because the weather’s been so bad – and I’ve been on the road.

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Yesterday’s Bumble – Hunt’s Bumble Queen Over the Squills

Apparently, this is a Hunt’s bumble queen. I usually call the Hunt’s “the bedhead bee” because it looks so unkempt. Apparently the queen pays more attention to her grooming than the other gals. Who knew? This one looks well kempt.

So stupid cold lately. 24 degrees as of this writing…which most likely means the bees will be hunkering down today. Spring in Utah. Shouldn’t complain. Beautiful, really.

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First Bumble of the Year

Admittedly not a great shot. The light is awful and I missed the focus on the bee by just a bit. BUT…it’s the first bumble I’ve seen and snapped this year. And there’s some value and joy in that for sure.

Oddly, it was 53 degrees this morning at 5:30 a.m. Now, at 9:40, it’s 43. Spring. Go figure. Looks like might be too cold for much bee shooting today.

That flower is a hellebore, by the way. It might be called Golden Sunrise, but I’m not completely certain.

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