Bonus – Because GROWWWWWWL!!

Can’t remember the name of this flower. Seems to close up early. Haven’t gotten very many bees on it. Just shot this…no edits, just a crop. Card from camera still copying over.

Terribly frustrated today. Art fairs and art shows cancelling out into August. Had three fall today. Don’t get me wrong – I do understand somewhat. And it’s not up to the organizers alone – artists are reluctant, the audience may be – and the organizers have to make the best decisions.

Doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. So…I meditate with my camera…and fire off a bonus product of that meditation. Pretty girl on a pretty blossom.

There…………………..that’s better ;).

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Bonus – Ladybug on an Unknown Bud

According to the googles, ladybugs are indeed pollinators – as well as being otherwise very beneficial. The focus in this one isn’t stellar (apart from the brush on it), but I think it’s a neat shot. And it makes me smile.

Further, I know that when I’m discouraged, I generally do well to redouble my efforts. So – you get a bonus ladybug today!

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Monarch on a Rocky Mountain or Meadow Blazing Star (Liatris ligulistylis)

This site is about bees. But now and then, I’ll post a bonus pic of something else interesting. And today, it’s a Monarch on a Liatris.

It’s a fantastic plant for attracting pollinators of all kinds. Here in the Rockies, it blooms like mad all through August and is often teeming – buzzing – flapping – with life. Interestingly, the pollen isn’t purple, but it’s white. Sometime in the future, I’ll post pics of native bees, honeybees, bumbles, pollinating wasps, as well as other butterflies enjoying the Liatris. Keep watching. And plant one for yourself!

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