Bee 017 – Bombus fervidus on a Penstemmon

At least I think that’s what the bumble is. Just getting ready to take flight. The penstemmon is a fun one – the smaller bees just disappear for a while inside. The larger look like they’re holding on to their hat.

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Bee 013 – Odd Light on a Bumble on a Chewed-up Dahlia

I’m kind of enamored of weird light – like on that tulip below. When it almost changes the color of the bee.

This poor Dahlia was just wrecked. Really most of them get that way even before they have a chance to open fully. The grasshoppers are brutal to them.

That said, the bees don’t seem to mind – or even notice. I’ve said it before, but there’s a lesson there. It’s something about purpose. For us humans, the purpose sometimes seems to be the flawless beauty. That’s a primary driver for us with the flowers we plant – and enjoy and love.

But for bees?? What’s for dinner? This seems like a good one! And as chewed up as that Dahlia is, it’s dinner. Its purpose.

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Bee 011 – Yellow Bumble on a Salvia

I know this salvia has a name. Maybe I can figure it out later. Trying like mad to get these shots posted (may have to resume in the morning).

And yes, that bee really was that yellow. Not an artifact of editing screwupery. Was really taken by its color. I think there a couple more of this bee later on in this saga.

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Just a Bumble on a Sunflower

Bumblebee (Bombus something?) on a Volunteer Sunflower

Mercifully short post today. It’s a dirty-faced bumblebee on a volunteer sunflower. I never know where the flowers are going to come up, but they’re a welcome addition to our gardens in the late summer. And the bees and other pollinators love them.

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