Bumble on the Scabiosa

For as neat as these flowers are, I don’t get enough shots on them. Yesterday, though, there was a bumble going to work. Didn’t get many great shots because of how the bee and the flower and the shadows were (not) working together. But this one has good detail and you can see tongue. This flower is also called the pincushion flower. Really a persistent one. And a little vulnerable to the wind…at least for photography.

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Hunt’s Bumble on the Russian Sage

Still too cold for bees…and might not warm up again. So here’s a sweet shot from earlier this summer of a Bombus Huntii on the russian sage. The colors in this one are neat…as is the bee itself. Been a few days since I posted a bumble.

Have been kind of dreading this transition…from fresh shots to ones from the summer. That said, there are thousands and thousands to choose from just from this year alone. So it’s more about how I feel with the summer ending rather than needing content. Enjoy.

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Morning Light, Russian Sage, and Hunt’s Bumble

Lots going on in this picture, but there’s lots of continuity. Missing a festival in Ridgway, Colorado this weekend because of the stings. Feeling lousy about that.

But the bees remain… There’s something about this shot that gets me. Maybe it’s the directional thing of both the stalk and the bee. Know it has something to do with the background, too.

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Vertical Hunt’s Bumble

Posting a few days in advance. Heading out to Fountain Hills, AZ for the art festival there.

A Hunt’s bumble perched at the top of a liatris bud/stalk. That bedhead bee. Interesting that this one throws white pollen. And lots of it. A favorite of the pollinators…and one you should plant if you have the space.

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Yesterday’s Bumble – Hunt’s Bumble Queen Over the Squills

Apparently, this is a Hunt’s bumble queen. I usually call the Hunt’s “the bedhead bee” because it looks so unkempt. Apparently the queen pays more attention to her grooming than the other gals. Who knew? This one looks well kempt.

So stupid cold lately. 24 degrees as of this writing…which most likely means the bees will be hunkering down today. Spring in Utah. Shouldn’t complain. Beautiful, really.

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Fatality in the Salvias

This is a great photo, but it’s pretty disturbing. This Hunt’s bumble got ambushed by an ambush bug and it’s going to work on dinner now. I see this several times a year…the outcome I mean. And often see the ambush bugs hunting in the gardens. Circle of life and all that, I guess, but I’m cheering for the bees to get away.

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Hunt’s Bumble on Maybe a ‘mum

I think. Still with beadhead. This polar vortex storm is making a mess here in the rockies. Eight or ten inches of snow, but lots more has fallen (and melted). And it’s still snowing strong. Those poor crocuses in the vanguard. They’re pretty hearty, but they’re probably wondering what’s happened to spring. So have I. However…it’s been the driest winter that I can remember (but that’s not a great metric) and we need the moisture.

It’s one of those things…you know it’s good, but it’s sure seems lousy when it’s happening. Something about perspective. When the reservoirs are full and I see the water on the garden this summer, maybe I’ll remember this morning and think a little. Probably a lesson in there somewhere… Ha!

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