Golden Bumble Tongue

On an agastache. Late in the day and glowing. The color of this bee seems almost artificial. There’s a good reason it’s called a Golden Bumble (Bombus fervidus). Was kind of hard to get a shot on this one because it either kept crawling toward the middle of the plant – or falling off down into the middle. Beautiful critter, though.

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Bee 017 – Bombus fervidus on a Penstemmon

At least I think that’s what the bumble is. Just getting ready to take flight. The penstemmon is a fun one – the smaller bees just disappear for a while inside. The larger look like they’re holding on to their hat.

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Golden Bumble on a Giant Larkspur

Golden Bumble (Bombus fervidus) on a Giant Larkspur (Consolida ajacis)

Not all that much to say about this one. Just a Golden Bumble ( Bombus fervidus) on a Giant Larkspur (Consolida ajacis). Lots of pollen, though. And interesting how she’s got her head jammed in there pulling herself deeper with her claws. Seems the Larkspur was made for just for that. Normally, I like to include the eye in a bee pic. Seems if the eye is in good focus, it’s a good shot. But this one was compelling to me – eye or no.

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