Green Metallic Sweat Bee on a Blanket Flower

These are some of my favorite bees. Also the mason bees that are metallic-looking. And, of course, the blanket flower always delivers. From early June here. The Blanket flowers start blooming pretty early in the season and go until a hard frost. The blossoms last for days and days and attract all kinds of pollinators from bumbles to natives to honeybees – even butterflies.

In other news, yesterday marked the 300th day of “bee of the day”. That’s a lot of bees. Expect some fun on the first of February to mark the anniversary.

In other other news, the traffic here is kind of slow. Please share it around to those whom you think might enjoy. And enjoy today’s bee!

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Bedhead on the Blanket Flower

This one…won’t quit. Hunt’s bumblebee…or as I’ve christened it, the beadhead bee. Love the way it’s fur/hair looks so unkempt – always. And the blanket flowers just don’t quit. And I like the shape the bee’s making in this one. Seems to fit well with the flower – that elongated profile.

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Parking Strip Payoff

Another Mesa Peach. Actually several in the new parking strip garden. Finally saw bees on the blanket flowers there yesterday. Not the best shot – not the best light – but very cool that these decided to bloom this fall. And the bees decided to show up. It’s going to be magnificent in a couple of years. Full of irises. Wish the bees thought more of those blooms. Here’s today’s:

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Again on the Mesa Peach

Have several new Mesa Peaches blooming now in the new garden in the parking strip. Sadly, no bees on them yet. But the mature one just keeps giving. Love the pollen basket on this one today. Also some new cone flowers in the parking strip. Saw a honeybee on one yesterday, but didn’t have my camera.

And the best laid plans…was going to shoot a lot yesterday but only managed ten or so minutes. Rained overnight and the temp dropped about 25 degrees so I’m not too hopeful about bees for today. Anyway, this is a good one!

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At it on the Blanket Flower

Ah, the missing narrative… Yet I don’t have a whole lot to say. I really love the colors of this flower, though. And looks like the bee is just starting to fill her pollen bucket. By the way, that’s one way you can tell the difference between bees and wasps – the bees, on their rear-most legs, have a whole bunch of tiny hairs to which they affix the pollen that they collect. Wasps don’t. So if in doubt, that’s one way to tell the difference.

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Gorgeous on the Blanket Flower

Love these colors. And the detail on her today. Absolutely have to figure out how to get these things to pop out. Guess I have to have a add-on or widget for WordPress. I’m shorting you with detail in these shots.

If you’re in the Denver area, I’ll be in Skyline Park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week with my art – bees and other things. It’s worth having a look at these new acrylic pieces in person. I’ve got all sizes (4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″) – and have the 4″ as magnets on a whiteboard – so you can play with arrangements. I think it’s a fantastic way to display some of these shots. And I think today’s will be a knockout in that honeycomb shape.

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