Green Metallic Sweat Bee on the Blanket Flower

Have only seen one honeybee on this flower so far – published a couple of days ago. If there’s a bee on it, it’s going to be one of these… Or a green carpenter bee. They generally run several counter-clockwise circles around the flower in their pollen collection. And I am most fond of the side shots in which you can see their eye. Tho there’s something to be said for a canted face shot, too!

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Honeybee on a New Blanket Flower

Saw this flower in a garden center and had to get it – because the bees were so fond last year of the one we had. So I bought this and another. Started blooming a bit ago – a lovely red and yellow.

Close up shot of the pollen on the face that I love. Hope you do, too. Also the beeneck just tickles me.

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Bumble on a Gaillardia – (Blanket Flower)

(Gaillardia Mesa™ Peach)

Like going to the well. So many great pictures last summer of this particular bloomer. With hopefully more varieties this summer.

Been very cold and windy these last couple of days. So the camera has stayed in the house. Should warm up by the weekend. Which will be a relief from the high 20s/40s of the last little bit. I really like posting stuff day-of. Think it adds good value to the enterprise.

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