At it on the Blanket Flower

Ah, the missing narrative… Yet I don’t have a whole lot to say. I really love the colors of this flower, though. And looks like the bee is just starting to fill her pollen bucket. By the way, that’s one way you can tell the difference between bees and wasps – the bees, on their rear-most legs, have a whole bunch of tiny hairs to which they affix the pollen that they collect. Wasps don’t. So if in doubt, that’s one way to tell the difference.

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Gorgeous on the Blanket Flower

Love these colors. And the detail on her today. Absolutely have to figure out how to get these things to pop out. Guess I have to have a add-on or widget for WordPress. I’m shorting you with detail in these shots.

If you’re in the Denver area, I’ll be in Skyline Park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week with my art – bees and other things. It’s worth having a look at these new acrylic pieces in person. I’ve got all sizes (4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″) – and have the 4″ as magnets on a whiteboard – so you can play with arrangements. I think it’s a fantastic way to display some of these shots. And I think today’s will be a knockout in that honeycomb shape.

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Blanket Flower – Honeybee

This one seems like a journeyman shot for the daily bee. Beautiful little thing – great colors on the flower. That pollen bucket just starting to fill. So glad I acted on a whim earlier in the year and bought a few of these flowers. Not much room – plant tetris ensued. But great shots all summer long.

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Twofer – and in Flight

Back to the well. The blanket flower. What a champ for pollinators. This leafcutter (the one in flight) was really giving the bumble a hard time. Kept crashing into it, trying to knock it off the flower. Territorial little thing. The bumble was unmoved, though.

Traveling some to art fairs and shows in September. Check the sidebar (on a big browser – have to scroll to the bottom on a phone) for dates and places and links – or the Festivals and Events page. Some of the stuff that I’ve printed is stunning – especially the large sizes. And if you introduce yourself in person, I might be inclined to be flexible on prices. Plus it would be neat to meet people who frequent this site.

Enjoy these little ones today. I was pleased with how this shot turned out.

(Parenthetically, we broke the 200-day mark a bit more than two weeks ago. That’s a lot of bees!)

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Back to that Blanket Flower

Similar to one last week but different bee and composition. Can’t say much more than I already have about the blanket flower. Looking forward to next summer when there will be several more around here. Guess one more thing: their blossoms persist for a long, long time – and throw pollen all the way through. Great for pollinators!

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The Blanket Flower Continues to Deliver

These flowers might be my very favorites for bees. Hard to say. Didn’t shoot for long yesterday, but I got some neat stuff on the blanket flowers – natives, bumbles, and some honeybees. Here’s one of those. Love the colors and the shape of the bee.

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Must be the Season of the Brown-belted Bumblebee

Some geraniums in the background. It’s on a blanket flower. They’re everywhere right now. Seems last August around this time they were thick, too. They seem impervious to getting knocked around by the leafcutters. Kind of fun to see the smacking through the lens. Great tongue on this one and pollen all over. I think it’s a drone.

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The Blanket Flower Delivers

These are in full bloom now…and they’re attracting all manner of bees. In fact, given that I like to post “what’s blooming now”, you may well get sick of the colors. Such fantastic plants for pollinators!

Got back from Loveland, Colorado’s Art in the Park yesterday. Fun time, but the crowd was a little sparse due to current events, etc. Here’s to a more normal 2021.

Occurs to me that I should say something about today’s bee: Beautiful! Think I’ll let the picture be the other 999 words today…

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Back to the Blanket Flower – Mesa Peach

An absolute favorite of mine. It’s starting to look a little ratty now, but there are also a lot of new buds on it. It will go until late Fall.

In other news, the parking strip is now devoid of grass – and I’ve been told that I have six or seven more of these on order. Hope they get established quickly and will bloom this season.

That’s a sweat bee, btw. Note the lack of pollen bucket.

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