Digger Bee on a Black-eyed Susan

This is an odd flower. Seems to attract one variety of wasp predominantly. But now and then there’s a digger bee on it (which actually looks remarkably like the wasp in question). Look at the hairy front leg. That’s quite a contrast to the pollen sacs that you see on the rear leg of many other bees. Her wing looks a little chewed up, too. Great shape she makes on the flower. And there’s a little bit of shadow…and that always tickles me.

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Little Leafcutter on the Black-Eyed Susan

Quick today – apparently I’ve got lots to do with little time…one of the lots is posting today’s bee. So…here ya go. It’s cute enough. Really love the eyes on these. They really have their own look. Actually, it’s a really nice shot.

Low 50s today. Crocuses starting to gain some momentum, but didn’t see any bees in my cursory look. Will look harder tomorrow – with my camera in hand.

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Bonus – Skipper on a Black-eyed Susan

Not sure if I like how this one came out. It’s a neat pic, but I’m thinking this arrangement here doesn’t do it justice. Maybe it just needs to be bigger. Lots of detail that seems to get lost.

I like the color palate of this one – maybe I’m not using the term right, but it seems scoped – bounded – and right in line with the relative drabness of this skipper.

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Sweat Bee on a Black-eyed Susan

Love this bee on this flower. I really cannot tell when they’re throwing pollen so it’s kind of frustrating looking at them, bee-less, day after day. But when they hit, they hit. This little one kept moving among four blossoms. Neat bee. And the flower adds so much. It’s often the yellow splotch in the background in a number of shots on this site.

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