Approaching Lavender

If you’d like to spend the afternoon approaching Lavender
You’ll feel just fine but one thing’s sure
You’ll never be the same

From Gordon Lightfoot (1970). Guess he’s still around and touring. He’s one I’ve not seen before. I have a soft spot for the If You Could Read my Mind album.

Beautiful bee. I like the shot…lots. Printed it on metallic paper and it’s just stunning. Email me ( to get a matted copy in either 5×7 or 8×10. Really pops. I think this shot is going to go in the 2021 beefriends calendar.

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Bumbletongue on a Scabiosa

Terrible sounding name for a flower. But a really neat one and the pollinators love it. The common name is pincushion flower – for good reason if you look closely. I think the bumble is a Bombus huntii.

I shot this one at the Ogden Botanical Gardens. Got there a little late for bees – the sun was nearly down and it was cooling quickly. Shot on Tuesday evening. Starting to see more and more bumbles out now. They’re fun to shoot.

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Bee Chillin’ on the Catmint

Dang, it’s been cold lately here in the Rockies. 41 degrees this morning as I type this post. Rainy, too. Had a brief window in which a few bees were out yesterday and got this shot. Not my best work. But…I love beeface and you can see her tongue so clearly. And it’s fresh – shot yesterday. So there’s that. Hoping for better today, but who knows? Rained a lot overnight and projected high is only 65 degrees.

Not that I’m really complaining. Been a wonderful, cool, sometimes-wet Spring. A real spring. And the lavender is coming on…

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In Flight – Heading toward the Salvia

Been getting pretty lucky catching some legit shots in flight. I really like the eye and tongue and the pollen on her head on this one. Even a bit of the wings. Shot this one last Friday – didn’t pick up the camera much yesterday or Sunday.

However…kept my booth/tent up yesterday (still didn’t get any pictures shot of it – hopefully this morning) and had so many people stop by and enjoy the art – not only bees, but also birds, flowers, wildlife – sundry stuff. Great conversations with neighbors and people who drove by. Really enjoyable. Art is essential.

Printed this one out this morning and it’s pretty stunning. She such a beauty. Get in touch ( if you’d like one of these shots for your wall. We’ll get it figured out.

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Honeybee on the Culinary Thyme

Have posted some shots on the Creeping Thyme recently. I think this is the first on the Culinary Thyme. That tongue…that eye…again.

That said, try not to mention this to those who have eaten from my kitchen, but I think I’ve cooked with both. Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

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Bonus – In Flight – through the Helianthemum

Helianthemum – also known as rock rose, sunrose, rushrose, and frostweed. Pretty neat stuff…my only complaint is that it closes up early in the evening.

This particular bee wasn’t very interested in the pollen – I don’t think it was ready yet, yesterday – but she hovered around long enough for me to get almost good focus on a number of shots. And look at that huge pollen bucket (and beetongue!). Here’s one of them:

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Overtime 001 – Ha!

So in my randomizing, I started out by pulling 200 shots – thinking that I’d get maybe 100 that I’d publish for today. And it’s true – I lost a good few. Some were flowers. Some were too dark to work with quickly. Even a couple I’d already posted. But…I ended up with some leftovers.

So…as I can for the rest of the day, I’ll try to get them up. Also shot a few this afternoon that I’d like to post – if only to have some fresh stuff in 100+ (emphasis on the plus) bee day.

Love, love, love this shot. That tongue. Plus the huntii is such a cool bumble. It’s on a Russian Sage.

Back in a bit to continue. Other responsibilities beckon…and I didn’t think posting what I have would take this long. Such fun, though. I love these little ones. They lift.

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It Ain’t that Pretty at all!

I’d like to go back to Paris someday and visit the Louvre Museum

But it’s a neat shot nonetheless. In this one, a honeybee is getting a drink of water off the lid of a 5-gallon bucket in the driveway. Very cool tongue – and kind of a neat bee in the background.

But here’s more at the point: these little ones get thirsty. Put out a birdbath – especially if you live somewhere dry. Even a small dish of water near what’s blooming at the moment. Fill part of it with rocks so they have somewhere to stand while they’re drinking. Then go check it occasionally when you see the bees out. You’ll notice that they’re visiting your offering (and are grateful in their own, bee ways).

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