Sweat Bee, Tongue, and Yarrow

This is the wrong yarrow again…although I really can’t tell what’s wrong with it. Nor can the bees and wasps. This one was just covered on Wednesday. This is a really fun shot…of a really small bee. They almost look like they have fat pants on. Full pantaloons. Or saddlebags when seen from behind.

Should have spent more time on Wed preparing to leave…and spent less time shooting bees. But…dang…it’s so rewarding. So much fun. And so interesting.

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Great Tongue on the Geranium

Again, with this one, you can see the split of the tongue. And even the maxilla there on either side. Such a narrow focus, though. The pollen is blurred. She’s in the process of cleaning the pollen or nectar off her tongue. Nectar, I think, given that she was up in the flower. Happy spring/summer!

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Lots of Pollen on this Tongue

Too cold to shoot yesterday (at least according to the bees), so this one’s from the day before. Again, on the grape hyacinth. I chose this one from several others because of the tongue. You can see it’s filthy with pollen. Great look at the flower, too, and the rest of the bee.

Also have a look at the pollen basket on the left rear leg. It’s out of focus, but the color of the pollen is different from the pollen on the tongue. Not sure what she’d been in to earlier, but I’d like to know. The pollen baskets with two different colors – and the transition between – is an interesting thing. If I run across that, I’ll post it. Happens occasionally.

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Great Russian Sage

Oh, hey – today (through Sunday), I’ll be in Centennial Colorado at The Highlands Garden Center (8080 S Holly Street) from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. – with a whole bunch of neat pictures of bees, birds, flowers, etc.

I love this shot. So often the foreground will be out of focus somewhere or another. But in this one, everything seems to be in the same plane. Fun composition, too. And the tongue – cannot get enough of that!

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Beeetongue in the Geranium

The bees were all over the geraniums yesterday. Think it’s Rozanne – the variety, I mean. So tough to shoot because the nectar, I guess, is where her tongue is. So getting a good angle on the shot is tough. But it’s about the only blossom on which I get this posture (or shape) consistently. And I think it’s a neat one. Pretty bee today…down to her extended tongue and pollen on her face and eye. Even a little bit of interesting focus on the geranium itself.

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A Bit Backlit on the Salvia

Been shooting in the late afternoon some this week trying to get some backlit shots in which the body transluces. Not having the best of success and that effect really didn’t come off on this one – but it’s a nice shot in its own right. I especially like the detail on the eye and the tongue.

The salvia is fading now…getting late in the season. Thinking hard about year-round bees. Maybe a trip to the almond orchards in the winter to visit?

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Pollenface in the Lavender

The lavender is still kicking. Getting a little ratty, but the bees are still all over it. Looking like the weather for October might stay okay for bees, too, through the rest of the month. I’m glad.

Love this one’s face – all that pollen – and note the pollen on her back. She’d been somewhere else just before. Great eye and tongue, too.

By the way, this one I shot yesterday. That’s generally the way it is during “bee season” unless I say otherwise (or I’m traveling). Kinda neat, those fresh bees.

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Late Season Salvia

Such a super little one on a super flower. This one just keeps going. Which one – the bee or the flower? Seems both. Was shooting at an odd angle, some into the sun – so her body is translucing. Great tongue, wing, eye, antennae, face…and the salvia is gorgeous, too. Even the background’s fun in this one. Love the purples in it. The beauty in nature thrills me.

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Another from the Watering Hole

Neatest birdbath ever that birds ignore. Bees don’t though. I’ve said it before, but part of attracting pollinators is providing a good water source for them. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just make sure you give them a place to stand while they drink. In other words, a bucket won’t work for them. If you use something like a shallow pan, put a few rocks in the bottom that don’t get entirely submerged. They’ll thank you for it.

And look at those tongues!

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The Blanket Flower Continues to Deliver

These flowers might be my very favorites for bees. Hard to say. Didn’t shoot for long yesterday, but I got some neat stuff on the blanket flowers – natives, bumbles, and some honeybees. Here’s one of those. Love the colors and the shape of the bee.

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