Honeybee on a Chocolate Daisy

A bit of a muddy picture, but I think that might add to the charm. Especially with the leaves in the background…lowing to yellow in the upper-right.

These chocolate daisies not only smell good, but they’re persistent flowers. They only bloom in the morning (close down early), but they go and go and go and go. We’ve had a minor frost already, yet they’re still at it. And have been all summer. They do get a little ratty looking, but one of the things I like best about them is how the blossoms look after they bloom. Great shape. I’ll post a pic soon to show what I mean. Anyway, great bee enjoying a reliable pollen source. Wonder if bees can smell (in a way that is similar to us bipeds). Hmmmm…

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On a Photogenic ‘mum

I’m really not sure why I’m not a fan of chrysanthemums. They’re really quite pretty when they’re at their peak. Maybe because they don’t bloom for very long and look pretty bad on the way out? Nah, irises are worse that way and I love them. Anyway, I guess I’m an antimumite. But I do like this pic. Both the flower and bee are nearly perfect. And the next shot (bonus) is nice, too. Both shot yesterday, btw.

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It’s About the ‘mums Again…

And a little dark for some reason. This is such a compelling shot, but it looks dark on this monitor. And I don’t want to mess with it much. Guess I’ll see how it looks on a phone. Was shot in the shade. It’s really busy, but the bee is fantastic. And the ‘mums and the rest of the green and background are fun. Printed it and it looks good if not too out-of-focus busy in the lower right corner. Too much info there. Just enjoy the bee. She’s really fantastic.

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Messy ‘mums

Got a few minutes with the bees today. Been very cold and not many are out. I suspect they’ll be heading for the almond groves in California soon. Been raining, too, off and on and that seems to discourage them. Seems like about fifty degrees is the threshold for much activity, tho there are outliers.

Got a few on this particular ‘mum. Lots with tongue. Might see a few more of those shots over the winter. The chrysanthemums aren’t one of my favorite flowers. They seem to feed the flies more than the bees. And they tend to look nasty as they age (see upper right). Some flowers do it so gracefully…others, not so much. It’s late. And I yammer. But she’s cute!

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Sweat Bee, Tongue, and Yarrow

This is the wrong yarrow again…although I really can’t tell what’s wrong with it. Nor can the bees and wasps. This one was just covered on Wednesday. This is a really fun shot…of a really small bee. They almost look like they have fat pants on. Full pantaloons. Or saddlebags when seen from behind.

Should have spent more time on Wed preparing to leave…and spent less time shooting bees. But…dang…it’s so rewarding. So much fun. And so interesting.

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Great Tongue on the Geranium

Again, with this one, you can see the split of the tongue. And even the maxilla there on either side. Such a narrow focus, though. The pollen is blurred. She’s in the process of cleaning the pollen or nectar off her tongue. Nectar, I think, given that she was up in the flower. Happy spring/summer!

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Lots of Pollen on this Tongue

Too cold to shoot yesterday (at least according to the bees), so this one’s from the day before. Again, on the grape hyacinth. I chose this one from several others because of the tongue. You can see it’s filthy with pollen. Great look at the flower, too, and the rest of the bee.

Also have a look at the pollen basket on the left rear leg. It’s out of focus, but the color of the pollen is different from the pollen on the tongue. Not sure what she’d been in to earlier, but I’d like to know. The pollen baskets with two different colors – and the transition between – is an interesting thing. If I run across that, I’ll post it. Happens occasionally.

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Great Russian Sage

Oh, hey – today (through Sunday), I’ll be in Centennial Colorado at The Highlands Garden Center (8080 S Holly Street) from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. – with a whole bunch of neat pictures of bees, birds, flowers, etc.

I love this shot. So often the foreground will be out of focus somewhere or another. But in this one, everything seems to be in the same plane. Fun composition, too. And the tongue – cannot get enough of that!

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