Bonus: Brand New BeeBaby

So here’s some evidence of pollination. This is a new iris this year that the bees created. There are several of these “BeeBabies” new this year and I’ll be posting pics of them as they blossom. This one is especially cute and looks like a keeper! It’s a shortie, but it’s just gorgeous. And super neat that it’s a product of these little ones.

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Bonus and Digression – Last of the ‘BeeBabies’

The fourth of four finally opened today – here it is. So…we had a pod of bee-bred iris seeds, planted them, and they flowered this year. They’re all from the same pod – siblings – yet are very different. The other three can be found here and here and here. Neat stuff. My favorite is the purple, but this one is plenty neat itself.

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Day of 100(+) Bees!!

Today is the 100th day of “The Daily Bee”. To celebrate, I’m going to post 100(+) bees today. These shots are drawn from, at random, three folders on my computer. One is from a particulary good day at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake, the other is from what I thought were from some nice shots this Spring, and the other is a sampling of shots from 2018. Again, random – had about 14,000 to pick from – and randomized the pics you see here. There will be some similar pics – Sedum and Asters are pretty overrepresented. But random does what random does – especially when the deck’s long on Sedum and Aster.

I’m also including a few “bonus” pollinators in the mix. Hope you enjoy. Good fun for me. Here’s a “beebaby” iris to get started – a creation of pollination. And it turned out well!

Scroll down for the rest of this long mess…or click here to go to the Day of 100 Bees. I’m going to leave this stickied up top for a week or so. Or you can scroll through the daily posts until you reach May 10th.

Final tally: 150 bees posted, 10 bonus (quasi-)pollinators, and one beebaby iris. Hope you enjoy. Was fun to put together!

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