Green Metallic (sweat?) on the Asters

Been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Shot maybe twenty and only hit one in focus. Fast little one not staying long on any blossom. One of the neatest looking bees in the garden in my opinion. I like the green with the other colors in the shot. Very good detail on the bee today – even the eyes.

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Aster against the Blue Sky

Didn’t get time to shoot until very late in the day yesterday so the light is a little weird. I liked this shot a whole lot more when I picked it than I do right now. But it’s interesting in that I think it’s the first aster shot against the sky. This is a pretty tall one – maybe four feet? Kind of a rangy plant but was full of bees in the early evening. So I selected it because the background was a first to me. Anyway, like it or not…

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And More Asters…

Only had time for about ten minutes of shooting yesterday. But caught this nice one in the asters. See how she’s not got much hair on her back anymore? Worked most of it off. Almost looks a little impressionistic with the bokeh in this one. That spiky thing is a yellowing iris leaf, I think. But I like the way it pulls toward the bee – something, anyway. Interesting element.

If you’re near Crested Butte, Colorado on this Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be there at the ARTumn Festival – come by and have a look at the art.

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It’s Aster Time!

Makes me a little maudlin knowing that the weather’s going to be changing soon. Equinox yesterday. But the asters are in full flower…as are the ‘mums. Beautiful. And the little ones are really loading up.

I like this shot. Great detail on the bee. Even down to specks of pollen on her eye. With all the traveling I’m doing, I’m really feeling pressure to load up on shots when I’m home…get through the winter with this project.

If you’re enjoying what you find on this site, please share it with others. I don’t use social media for a variety of reasons so I’m a little hamstrung that way. Counting on you all to propagate the joy. Go ye forth and pollinate! Please.

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Late Summer in the Asters

Got a lot of fun shots yesterday. Spent a lot of time with a variety of asters, in the blanket flowers, with some penstemmons, sunflowers, sedum, etc. Still lots going on in the fireworks-in-slow-motion show. Winding down, though. I’m reliably informed that five (or six?) more blanket flowers are going into the erstwhile parking strip (devil strip in Ohio?).

Love the hair on this one’s face and eye. And note the pollen grains on her back. Those aren’t from the asters. She’d been somewhere else before.

And here’s what today’s bee might look like in an acrylic honeycomb/hex – for that mosaic you need to put on your wall:

Neat, no?

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A Bit of Beeneck on the Aster

Hate the fact that summer’s winding down. Still lots of blossoms everywhere, but yesterday they were flocking to the asters. More than a dozen in bloom around here. Here’s one of the shots from yesterday – and I expect that you’ll see a number of them over the winter.

Just finalized a deal with a company out of Michigan for printing acrylic hexagons. Have had the 6″ versions at the last couple of shows and people really responded well to them. They make neat mosaics. More on that soon.

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Delightful Little One in the Asters

It’s that time of year. I think this is the first shot of this year’s asters for me. And they’re just now starting to throw pollen. Love ’em…but they make me wistful. Portending fall…and winter, soon.

Look at the specks of pollen on her eye. Love it when I get shots like that. Cute tongue, too!

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Ethereal Aster Look

Putting the 2021 beefriends calendar together this week. This shot made it in. Love the detail on the face with the background looking so misty and soft.

I’ll be offering the calendar to those who visit the site (as soon as it’s finished). So keep that in mind. Will be a great splash of color on your wall!

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Almost Like Groundhog Day

But not, fortunately. Those of you who went through the 100+ bees day of May 10th saw a lot of asters. Now more today.

But these are Spring asters. Not something I’ve had before. And a really neat little native in them. Including two pics from the same bee today. Looks like a sweat bee, but I don’ think it is.

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