Dream-like on the Asters

Last day of 2020. Here’s a shot that I hope represents 2021 in terms of mood and ease and peace. Not sure we’ll get that – but hope is a great thing. I tried to crop this one several times to get closer to the bee but had no luck getting the same feel out of it. So here’s the full picture. Happy New Year!

This one’s from October of this year.

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Honeybee on an October Aster

Nearing the end of this odd, strange, weird year. Hoping 2021 isn’t more of the same. Trying to think of the good that has come out of this year – and hoping my vision will be better looking back than it is looking around right now. Not to say that there haven’t been wonderful things happen. But as a year…it’s been remarkably twisted.

The bees, though, seem to keep being. Not meant to be a pun. Just is. They just are.

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Peace in the Asters

Love both the softness and the focus in this one. Colors, too. That green in the back works so well. This one’s from September 2019. Seem to be stuck in that folder this week. Embarrassing to say that there are so many shots I’ve not even seen yet. Several years back. Guess that’s part of what winter is for.

This one has a nice feel to it. Hope it resonates with you.

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Double on the Asters

Lots going on in this shot. But all good and fun. From early October. Love it when they’re so sharp in flight. And also really like it when two are in very good focus. The plane of focus is so very thin and it’s exceptionally lucky to have that happen. Wish I could say it was intentional, but it’s not in the slightest. I was focusing on the one on the blossom and the other little one just made her way in. Probably a lesson in that. If only in gratitude.

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Green Metallic (sweat?) on the Asters

Been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Shot maybe twenty and only hit one in focus. Fast little one not staying long on any blossom. One of the neatest looking bees in the garden in my opinion. I like the green with the other colors in the shot. Very good detail on the bee today – even the eyes.

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