Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Native

I cannot tell you how small this bee is. It’s on an anemone, but even that doesn’t tell you much. So…have a look at this:

That’s a US dime. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s just a bit less than 18mm in diameter. The coin covers the yellow part of the blossom with room to spare. Sorry that the light on the two shots is different. I shot the second later in the day – same flower but in the shade.

But that doesn’t detract from the scale. That bee is so small. Probably as long as the ERTY on the dime. If that.

Anyway, cute, beautiful and all the rest. And tiny. Sometime this summer, I’ll put a dime to a monster bumble for comparison. Love them all…

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Anemones Remain

Just a great bee on a neat anemone. That white pollen is from the anemone itself. Really like the detail in the picture. This one’s straight out of the camera. When I shrunk it to post, I applied a little sharpening at first – but it looked absurd – especially on her face. Sometimes the camera itself just nails it. I especially like how the shape of the wings and the petals of the flower seem to play off of each other – almost an echo.

My favorite thing about this pic, though, is that it’s from today. Snowed yesterday here (among other things, weatherwise – Spring in the Rockies) and today was the first decent day in a while. For shooting bees, at least.

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Honeybee on an Anemone

Shot this one Monday of this week. Note the white pollen from the anemone. One should probably never complain about Spring, but the crocuses are nearly gone already…and the anemones are on their way out. Age-old complaint from me – no matter how much I shot or enjoyed, why didn’t I do more? And why does it pass so quickly. Mother Nature following the age-old adage of entertaining: Always leave ’em wanting more!

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Bonus – Straight out of the Camera

My mail carrier (package delivery on a Sunday?) asked me if I’d “shot today’s bee yet…” I almost felt bad explaining that today’s posted bee came from sometime last summer. So…

Here’s a bonus bee straight out of the camera unprocessed apart from the strange crop. Posted even as the SD card continues to copy to the computer. I think it’s a fun shot and you really get a good look at anemone guts.

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