On the Allium – again

Some nice detail on this one. Have this plant in a couple of areas of the garden. Last evening I counted seven blossoms in one spot – and eleven bees on those seven.

There are so many varieties of Allium – and, depending on the variety, they bloom from Spring all the way through late Summer. Always dinner for our bee friends somewhere in the garden.

The other thing I like about the Allium is that, unlike so many other plants, when they go to seed, most of them are still interesting – shapes, colors, etc. I like ’em.

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Honeybee on an Allium

That bonus color in the background is a California poppy. A little contrived, maybe, but it’s a neat shot nonetheless. This is one of the later-blooming alliums (allia? alliae? ha!) and kind of spins out and looks raggedy when it starts to release pollen. They’re kin to onions and one of their common names is Ornamental Onion. So many varieties, too, and the pollinators love them when they’re throwing pollen.

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On the Allium

These are such a neat flower while they last…but they’re only good for bees for a week or so. Herrick had something to say about it, generally:

Gather ye Rose-buds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to day,
    To morrow will be dying.

The bees seem to be pretty good at that. And I don’t necessarily see it as contrary to the ant-grasshopper fable. More at: the moment can inform the future if you choose. Nothing momentary about it if you’re mindful.

Great pollen bucket on her, btw.

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Bonus – Allium Blossom for Context/Scale

You know the size of a honeybee – more or less. Compare the little green one I posted as today’s bee. And realize that it’s hanging off of a single anther…and is in the foreground. Tiny bee!

And this one is pretty cool herself. Check out her neck…

Shot this one this afternoon, by the way.

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