Bonus: Of a Butterfly on an Agastache

The butterfly’s wings are really torn up – especially the left one. But the patterns and shapes and colors of this shot are great. And nature isn’t always about perfection. Sometimes it’s about doing the best you can with what you have. If I were a smarter man, I’d point out that there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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Again on the Agastache

Same agastache that the bumble was on (on the 7th of this month). Different messy background – and a honeybee this time. Great look at her face. And it always amazes me how they are built so perfectly to hang off/on the blossoms without doing (much) damage. Those bee toes… Nice look at the veins in her wings in this shot, too.

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Already December…Yet on an Agastache in August

Just a sweet shot of a little one on an agastache. From August of this year. A bit of pollen on her back and all over her face. This agastache is a beautiful plant, but it’s been miserable to shoot on/at. Because each stalk comes from the ground (it doesn’t branch) and the stalks are pretty tall, it’s vulnerable to flapping in even the mildest breeze. Then, the intervals at which it throws pollen (I guess), are odd so some days (and at some times of the day) there are bees…but often it has none. Finally, the wool carder bees seem to love this particular plant – and they’re very territorial. So when a honeybee manages to land, a wool carder will often knock her off just as I’m acquiring focus. Probably more than you wanted to know. But do know that I’m thrilled when I can get a good shot on this one. I like the plant lots. It’s beautiful and it’s been a nice challenge to shoot at/on it.

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Black Carpenter Bee (bam a lam!)

Edit – upon further review and consultation with someone brighter than I…this ain’t no bumble. Which wrecks the alliteration as well as the syllabification of the title. But I’m stubborn enough to leave it. So…

Have only ever seen a few of these. About medium-sized with a really neat eye. The light wasn’t fantastic. Rarely do I wish for full sun when I’m shooting bees. But I’d really like to see the eye in full sunlight. These agastaches get kind of raggedy looking (and you can imagine I’m complaining about the slightest breeze on them), but the pollinators sure do love them – this black bumble carpenter bee among them. Neat look at the wings…and the varied coloration along the side of the bee.

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Pollen-Filthy, Beeneck, Agastache…Not a Lot More To Want…

Apparently that “to” is capitalized because it’s “part of an infinitive”. Wow. I don’t think I’ll ever understand all of the rules.

Long day yesterday…drove about 850 miles in search of things. Shot this pic this morning, though, in some pretty good light. The flower’s looking ratty in places, but the bee – she’s magnificent!

Not sure where that big pollen came from. Not from the agastache, I’m pretty sure. Love the neck. Pretty rare to see.

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Bonus – Another Look at a Hummingbird on an Agastache

Well, another look for me. Different edit/crop. Was organizing pics the other day and came across this one and had a re-look. They sure love the agastaches. They nest in a bald cypress nearby. The cats…well…don’t have the notion of coexistence in their heads, though. So there are fewer hummingbirds around than I think there should be. But this is a neat one – all the way in!

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