Up on the Agastache

Almost thirty degrees difference in the daytime high from yesterday and the day before. So…the bees were a little reluctant to come out. Only saw a couple yesterday and didn’t shoot. I expect a bit better today.

Here’s one from last month on the agastache up in the “north forty”. Neat shot of the flower and the bee and the background on the upper right side is neat, too. This one might be worth printing. Great colors, too.

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Colors and the Agastache

Another shot of the impolite bee – as described a time or two previously. But a really neat shot if only for the colors. That orange/yellow color in the background is distant daylilies. Neat wings on this one. Amazes me that they remain effective. Also you can see the three, simple eyes (occelli) on the top of its head (in addition to the two compound eyes on either side). Plus just a titch of beeneck which always delights me.

These bees are tough to shoot because they don’t stick around and feed for very long. They seem more interested in being pugnacious, territorial, and………….”pollinating” – irrespective of gender/species. We have an unrepeatable-in-polite-company name for this particular bee around here. If you use your imagination, I’m sure you’ll get close to the local moniker.

In other news, the mostly-reliable spellcheck in my browser thinks that “agastache” really should be spelled “stagecoach”. Very nearly works for me…

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Bee 076 – Bumble on an Agastachi…redux (tridux?)

Again from Red Butte. This one in full sun. Great face! They really seemed to enjoy those on that day. I think the flower is kind of ratty-looking, but as I’ve mentioned, what I value in a flower is very different from what they do. And I don’t mind meeting more on their side than mine.

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