It Ain’t that Pretty at all!

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I’d like to go back to Paris someday and visit the Louvre Museum

But it’s a neat shot nonetheless. In this one, a honeybee is getting a drink of water off the lid of a 5-gallon bucket in the driveway. Very cool tongue – and kind of a neat bee in the background.

But here’s more at the point: these little ones get thirsty. Put out a birdbath – especially if you live somewhere dry. Even a small dish of water near what’s blooming at the moment. Fill part of it with rocks so they have somewhere to stand while they’re drinking. Then go check it occasionally when you see the bees out. You’ll notice that they’re visiting your offering (and are grateful in their own, bee ways).

Honeybee on an Anemone

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Shot this one Monday of this week. Note the white pollen from the anemone. One should probably never complain about Spring, but the crocuses are nearly gone already…and the anemones are on their way out. Age-old complaint from me – no matter how much I shot or enjoyed, why didn’t I do more? And why does it pass so quickly. Mother Nature following the age-old adage of entertaining: Always leave ’em wanting more!

Honeybee Alighting on a Nanking Cherry

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Well, it’s snowing right now. But this afternoon it was warm enough for the bees to come out for a couple of hours. And the Nanking Cherry is in riotous bloom. Not sure why I’ve not shot it before today. The hives (three now – a full compliment) are only about fifty feet away from it. And it was full this afternoon. Can only imagine what it would be like on a warm day. She’s just getting ready to land…and lands on the blossom on the left in the next shot.

Beautiful Bee on a Beautiful Tulip – No Foolin’

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Honeybee on a Tulip : Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

This one’s a new favorite. Shot it this afternoon (I guess yesterday afternoon by the time you read this). Not much at all I don’t like about this shot. Her eye seems particularly neat in this one. And that dusting of pollen is so…cute, I guess is my word. Wish every shot I shoot made me feel like this one.

The tulip is: Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

Digression – Gear Setup

I got a nice email from a guy called Craig this morning. He asked about my gear setup for bees. I replied to his email, but it bounced. Not sure what the problem was, so I thought I’d post the answer on the site. It’s long, so I decided not to post it in-line and clog things up. If you’re interested, you can find it here: Gear Setup

Bumble on a Cone Flower

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Not much to say about this one. But lots to like.

Looks like it’s going to warm up in the next few days…and that means the bees will be out for more than an hour or two. So much is starting to bloom. Those fireworks in slow motion. The squills and crocuses are fading being replaced by more daffs and tulips. The viburnum and forsythias are firing. I love spring.

Another Honeybee on another Sedum

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From Fall of last year. Look at how she’s grabbing the flower with her…what are they? Toes? I’ve seen them pull looser petals off (especially the heavier bees) and fall to the ground and then, after a bit, fly right back. I always imagine the bee thought, “what the…??? Well, back to it!”

Hyacinth tomorrow…or maybe a tulip. Some good shots from today I need to go through. I love spring.

Met several lovely neighbors today (that’s yesterday – Sunday) as I was in the garden and they were out for walks while observing the order to cower in place. Or is it shelter? Anyway, we maintained the appropriate distance between us as we talked and I truly enjoyed the interaction. As we get further into this, I can only imagine that real interaction among people will be all the more necessary and important. I guess I’m suggesting that we still can and should be social (we are social creatures for sure) while respecting what we’ve been asked to do.

Bonus – Straight out of the Camera

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My mail carrier (package delivery on a Sunday?) asked me if I’d “shot today’s bee yet…” I almost felt bad explaining that today’s posted bee came from sometime last summer. So…

Here’s a bonus bee straight out of the camera unprocessed apart from the strange crop. Posted even as the SD card continues to copy to the computer. I think it’s a fun shot and you really get a good look at anemone guts.

Honeybee on Lavender

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This picture seems a little wonky to me. But I’ve looked at the original several times, and it’s pretty true to it. So much detail there both in the bee and the flower. And, of course, the lavender is fantastic. So many varieties of it, too. And the bees (and every other pollinator) just love it. It does take up some space, but when it’s in bloom, it’s magnificent – and fragrant.

It does get a little flappy in the wind, but most of you don’t have a camera to your face trying to get a tack-sharp bee when you’re enjoying the lavender…

A couple of other things: First, I’ve been a little discouraged with the traffic to the site lately – wondering if it’s a worthwhile thing to be doing with my time. (Of course it is, I know, and as the body of work grows, so will the traffic. I do know that.) Second, thanks for kind, encouraging emails that some of you have sent. That these little ones resonate with you, too, is really gratifying to me. Third, (whenever I say I’ve got a couple of things, I end up lying) please feel welcome to comment on the pics here. I’d like to see some dialogue, critique, suggestions, and knowledge shared. The way it is set up, you can put in a phony email address (use, for example) and your comments will get through (if you don’t want to use your real email address – tho I’m the only one who sees it).

Anyway, I’m having tons of fun with this. And have years’ worth of pics backed up just waiting to be posted. Shot a bunch more today. Tulips, among other things. Maybe some good anemone shots, too – but my computer keeps crashing so I’ve not seen them all yet. Stay tuned…