Also in the Ogden Botanical Gardens

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This is such a beautiful color. And I’m a bit colorblind to red/green, sadly. Such a gorgeous combination of colors from the petals to the middle to the bee to the background. This one’s kind of moving to me. Almost archetypal. Then a longhorn bee came in and bombed the bumble. But the bumble held strong and the longhorn went away. Have pics of that that I ran out of time to post…

Filthy, Filthy, Filthy!

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I just love it when they get into the hibiscuses. One of their best looks. And it’s so neat how each flower seems to throw pollen differently. And how different the pollen is – shape, size, and color. Wish the light were better on this shot, but I do love it – especially because the pollen still on the flower has some good focus, too.

Twofer out in the Wild

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Nice late summer day waaaaaaay up in the Rockies (temperature was a full twenty degrees cooler up there than in the valley) with the dogs. And other critters. These thistles were in bloom (as were tons of other things – missed the great fun by maybe ten days??) and the place was full of bees and butterflies and other things. The bees were being pretty territorial about the thistles – so the butterflies weren’t able to stay on one very long. This is a shot of a bee approaching. The next shot has the butterfly vacating…

Sure is fun to get two in a shot.