Archetypal Bumble Sunflower Shot

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The bees are in the sunflowers full force right now. This shot is from yesterday. Only had about ten minutes to shoot. Trying to prepare for the Loveland Colorado art show.

Makes me a little wistful…summer isn’t quite waning yet, but the sunflowers doing there thing is a sign that things will start winding down sooner than later. And such weird variants of sunflowers this year. Some are easily twelve feet tall – maybe even fifteen. Makes it tough to shoot bees on them. This one was at about eye-level, though.

Experimental Sunflower

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Shot this one yesterday late in the day. The light is weird and the bee is in shadows. But…I think it’s kind of interesting. I especially like the way the green blurs into the yellow.

Been thinking about bees as art lots. Obviously. And thinking that while the close-ups are fantastic as a rule – that it also might be nice to have bees as elements rather than the key to the shot. Anyway…

This is what you get for today. Looked pretty interesting printed.

Ethereal Aster Look

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Putting the 2021 beefriends calendar together this week. This shot made it in. Love the detail on the face with the background looking so misty and soft.

I’ll be offering the calendar to those who visit the site (as soon as it’s finished). So keep that in mind. Will be a great splash of color on your wall!

Bonus – Damsel Fly Mugshot

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Hardly a worthy shot on most levels – but pretty spiffy on some others. Right in your face. Its face. Fun.

Trying to get out of here to start driving to Fort Collins for the art show this weekend. Check it out if you’re in the area: Art in the Square – Civic Center Park – 225 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins.

Double Bumble Wow

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So the light and background here are a mess. BUT…you get two bumbles in the same shot – one in flight. On/near/in the ubiquitous (for this site, anyway) cone flower.

Shot this one in August of 2018 and ran across it the other day in my computer. Maybe over the winter I’ll take the time to go through older stuff an use the better ones on this site. So many bee shots…

In other news, today marks six straight months of daily bees! That’s something…

Neat on an Agastache

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Shot this a few days ago. Have a piece of glass that I reclaimed from an old, broken scanner (the platten) and built a frame for it out of poplar. Been looking for a shot that matched the dimensions well for a crop and came up with this.

It’s a little unconventional as far as composition goes, but I think it works for the shot and the glass/frame. The agastache is fading now…and I’ve been checking every day for bees. Really wanted a shot on it and I think I got a few good ones. Enjoy today’s!

Also, I’ll be in Fort Collins this weekend with this piece and many others. Printed a bunch of stuff as large as 40×60 and some of it is just stunning. Check out Art in the Square if you’re in the area – Civic Center Park – 225 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins.