Bee 006 – The First of Many on a Sedum

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This is such a wonderful plant in the fall for pollinators. I’m especially fond of side-shots that show the eye – and on the margin of flowers. This one just sets up perfectly for those shots. Really makes the bee stand out. Love this shot.

I kind of hate that these shots are so small in this bloggy-thing. I’ve resized them to 1000 pixels, but it looks like it displays at only about 600. They look good on a phone I guess… But I wish you could see the full-frame that I see on my monster monitor. Or how they print… Nature is art.

Bonus – Because GROWWWWWWL!!

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Can’t remember the name of this flower. Seems to close up early. Haven’t gotten very many bees on it. Just shot this…no edits, just a crop. Card from camera still copying over.

Terribly frustrated today. Art fairs and art shows cancelling out into August. Had three fall today. Don’t get me wrong – I do understand somewhat. And it’s not up to the organizers alone – artists are reluctant, the audience may be – and the organizers have to make the best decisions.

Doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. So…I meditate with my camera…and fire off a bonus product of that meditation. Pretty girl on a pretty blossom.

There…………………..that’s better ;).