Filthy, Filthy Bumble on a Cone Flower

One of my very favorite shots from last fall. Taken in September. This bumble had just been on a Rose of Sharon in a neighbor’s yard and is a mess. But such a neat mess.

Very discouraged by the lack of traffic to the site. Think I’m going to need to stop looking at it and just keep doing. Does that metric matter?

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

2 thoughts on “Filthy, Filthy Bumble on a Cone Flower”

  1. Please don’t worry about traffic to the site!! Even if you’re worrying, please don’t stop what you’re doing.

    I’m the Customer Service manager at Savannah Bee Company and I get so much joy from looking at THE DAILY BEE and sharing it with my team. I love your simple captions, your beautiful photos, and how humble you are – “just a guy with some cameras” 🙂

    Thank you for sharing something that makes you happy. That’s the important part. It makes us happy too!

    Bee Well.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Been thinking about a few things. First, this is a crazy time in the world. People aren’t thinking about the same things they do ordinarily. Or at least not in the same way. Second, these pics don’t have a shelf life. That is to say that they’ll be around forever (at least in terms of the internet) and can be enjoyed, from the beginning, as people discover the site. That means, at least to me, that if only a few people see today’s pic today, that in no way means that others won’t enjoy today’s pic sometime in the future. Third, – well, timing. This is a new site. Takes a while for things to generate momentum. Almost like they have a lifecycle of their own.

    And finally – I really do enjoy this. I’ve got no idea what purpose it serves or what (if any) good it does. But my gut says it’s a good idea – a good thing. And that’s usually a pretty good compass for me. Plus it’s fun – makes me think – is a good discipline to shoot and select and post.

    Anyway, I’m gratified that you’re enjoying this – and grateful for your encouragement. Meaningful to me. Thank you.

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