3 thoughts on “Bumble on Something that Looks Vaguely Monorchidal”

  1. Dressed to the nines with its stained-glass patterned wings…
    Now, THIS bumble bee has his good coat on… all fluffed up fresh from the cleaners. This is how I like to see a bumble bee and how I remember the first one I ever saw. It was in a parking lot in an urban setting in San Francisco. I was running after it along with 5 other kids, all of us with nylon stocking nets (which we cobbled together with bent clothes hanger and nylon stocking). Forgive me, just an atypical city childhood memory…

  2. He’s a fresh drone and juicing up to charm the first Queen who will have him 🙂
    Did you catch any bumbles? no forgiveness necessary, but, I am wondering what you kids would possibly do with them if you caught any.
    My very first memory of any kind was stepping on a big fuzzy bumble as a barefoot wee toddler–youch!

    1. Back then, for us kids, it was a day about insects and it included the moment where there was only one bumble bee sighted and all 6 of us kids “needed” that bumble for our Science Class Insect collection to be turned in for the semester’s end project. What was funny chasing that bee was watching the smartest guy in our class running after the bee with his net made from the foot part (instead of the thigh part) of the nylon stocking attached to the bent hanger. The memory of seeing the bumble, Daniel running with his foot net and my having been able to catch and add the bee to MY science project was and still is a cherished one.

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