Bonus! – Wasp Walking on Water

In the birdbath

I think this one is a paper wasp. And I’m going to call it an honorary or passive pollinator. It sure moves from flower to flower a lot (and tracks pollen along with it).

I especially like both the shadow and the wasp’s feet distorting the surface of the water.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

3 thoughts on “Bonus! – Wasp Walking on Water”

  1. I think the “wasp” may be a yellow jacket drone or even a young queen. In my 72 years I’ve never seen a paper wasp with jet black as the base of coloration. I’ve been battling yellow jackets since I moved to Louisiana 49 years ago.

    1. Gene. Thanks for the comment. I think you’re probably right. I’ll look further and see if I can find more pics of that same wasp. Really want to get things right!

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