Three Months in the Bag

Today marks the end of the third full month of this experiment/nonsense. Strangest three months of my life, truly – jumped in to a career change going after art full-time – huge up-front investment – a summer full of some pretty fine art shows/fairs on the docket – to an unthinkable, non-essential nothing – perhaps a perpetual nothing. Gives one pause.

Today’s bee, heading toward a Nanking Cherry, is blissfully ignorant of such things. This one is a full-frame picture. That means that I didn’t crop it like I normally do (by that I mean, you usually get about 1/3 of the entire shot). I liked the composition and thought it scaled down to 1000 pixels wide quite nicely. And thought it was worthwhile, in this case, to show what I saw through the lens when I clicked. Plus nailing the focus in-flight is pretty rare (for me, at least).

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

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