Swarm Afterparty

The site of the first swarm, the cedar tree, had a mini-swarm yesterday. Was about the size of a softball and pretty active. Apparently, there were pheromones from the queen left on the branch and someone spread the news. Jody the Beekeeper came and boxed up those little ones and dumped them in with the queen of that swarm.

She also looked in the hive of the third swarm and reported that it’s thriving – and even has a good number of eggs already. So gratified – means I didn’t screw up that capture.

In today’s pic, there are a few staging on branch just above the main concentration. After the bees were gone, I washed off the branch in order to remove the pheromones – and future confusion (hopefully).

Seems Spring is finally here for good – with summer close on its heels. What a great time of year!

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