Rethinking Deadheading

Here’s a pretty little one on a wrecked cone flower. I’ve beaten this drum before and will again, but notice two things apart from the bee: First, the flower is getting old and nasty. Losing its aesthetic appeal. Second: note that it’s still throwing pollen, even as the petals fade.

I’m not gonna get all “metaphor-ey-for-life-today” on you. Wander down that path if you’d like. But do note that the bee finds the flower useful still in her world – even if we (the broader we, collectively – aesthetically) do not. And the flower will continue to throw pollen for a good while yet. It’s not done being what it is.

So the point today is be smart when you deadhead in your garden and elsewhere (oops, I guess I did go there). Since the weather’s changed, I see all kinds of tiny songbirds all over the nasty looking, dried up sunflowers. Sustenance there now. To every thing a season.

Enough of that. Love this bee.

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