On the Iris…

Different iris this time. So many in bloom now, but still rare to catch a bee on one. So…that’s what I’m shooting and posting. A bit too much dark and light in this shot, but that’s what nature has done so that’s what I capture (or reflect).

I like the profile shots lots – in which more of the bee is in focus. Been really appreciating this spring. So many laments during the winter that I was missing the bees. Oh, in other news, just got a text from the bee woman (known as JodyBees…let me know if you want some honey…can ship and it’s fantastic) asked if there was room for a fourth hive in the back yard. How could I say no?? I didn’t, of course. Apparently the queen is a Pendleton (which means the bees may have reddish thorax). That would be super. Anyway…enjoy today’s!

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