On the Blue Salvia

Mind kind of blank this morning. But I like the shapes in this one. From the iris leaves to the seedheads of something – to the bee and salvia working together to do what they do.

One of my personal mantras is that life is a process, not an event (or, really, a series of only tangentially related events…if that makes any sense). But every day I post the merest fraction of a second. Add up all the posts of the last week and it’s barely over 1/100th of a second. Extrapolating the math over the course of a year and I will have only shown you not even seven tenths of a second’s worth of bees. And that almost seems unfair to the bee and the flower and all else. And of course it is how pictures work – and it is the only way to to see the detail. I get that. But sometimes focusing too much on detail distracts. Think process some, too.

Wow. Didn’t mean to go there. Maybe I was better off with a blank mind 😉

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