More Purple

From the other day in the crocuses. Been really, really cold – compared to what it was. Looks like it’s going to warm up again starting today, though. Mostly crocuses in bloom, but some really neat, tiny reticulated irises have made an appearance. Never have seen a bee on those, but I’ll keep looking. Such pretty little things and they seem to be pretty cold hardy.

Went to the west desert yesterday in search of wild horses. Spent about seven hours on the trip and only saw one way off in the distance. But it was really rewarding. Incredible light with clouds and sunset. Drove lots of miles on roads that were new to me. Oddly, I wasn’t all that disappointed in not having shot horses. There was something valuable being in the beauty and the solitude. Next time, maybe. That’s one thing about going out to shoot – you never know what you’re going to get. Truly gambling. But…unlike losing money, there’s always a neat reward somewhere in the mix if you’ll look for it. If you’ll allow it to reveal itself.

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