Kinda Twisted on the Allium

Got back from Colorado somewhat late in the day – but still shot at twilight. Haven’t had time to look at the shots from yesterday yet (was hopeful), so you get a bee on the allium (from May of this year) today.

Seems each flower and blossom is a bit different as far as where the pollen and nectar are. And it’s fun watching the bees do what they do to get at it. Sometimes, like yesterday with the carpenter bees, they crawl right up inside of the blossom (agastache). Today’s bee looks like she’s grabbing one blossom and twisting herself toward and on another to do her work. I really like shapes in photography – and that’s a great bee shape. Fresh stuff tomorrow! (Not like this one is stale or anything, but…)

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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