In-flight and what is with all the Geraniums?

I like posting fresh ones…so here’s one from yesterday. But that means I have to go where the bees are. And, recently, they’ve been on this particular geranium. Decent in-flight grab. And as much as the bee – or even moreso – I like the depth of the geraniums. That’s a frustration with photography – 2D of 3D. Such a poor approximation of beauty sometimes.

They’ve been on the salvias a lot, too. One particular one that’s South-facing (so a bit ahead of the other ones in maturity) was just throbbing…humming with bees the other evening. The shadows were bad so it didn’t make for great shots, but my “face cam” ate it up.

What a wonderful time of year. So life-affirming. There’s really something magical about being among the flowers and bees and other, growing things. Resets my perspective and attitude.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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