If it Quacks Like a Duck…

Normally, finding and posting a bee pic is a fun process. Sometimes I’m short on time and it gets a little harried, but normally it’s something I enjoy. Not sure what happened this morning, but everything seemed twisted and mired. I chose this one from June of 2020. It well could be from Young’s Living Farm, but something went wonky with the hard drive (yes, I have a backup) so there’s no way to tell in this moment. It has to be on lavender, no (seems to be quacking at me)? But there’s no white lavender in these gardens so it must be from somewhere else? Anyway, she’s cute and you get a bit of a look at her neck. And that “publish” button is mocking me and wants to be pressed. When you do something daily, some days end up being better than others. And some end up being weirder. Wonder what the upcoming hours will bring…

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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