I Knew the Name of this Flower at Some Point

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be in Cherry Creek, Colorado at the Fillmore Plaza with my art. Lots of stuff including the bees – and other bits of nature. Come have a look. Quick hits for the next few days because I should have been out the door two hours ago.

This is one flower on which it’s tough to catch bees. The hoverflies – mimics – seem to favor it. But the other day it was rife with honeybees. Go figure. Check out the pollen grains on her eye. If I get some more dormant time in the winter, I’m going to see what I can do about editing some of these posts. And see if I can identify some of the bees and flowers better. Apologies. It’s a monumental thing to get a new bee up every day…especially being on the road so much.

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