Honeybee on the Grape Hyacinths

Finally a current bee! Only found a few minutes to shoot yesterday and it was later in the day, but I was able to catch this one in the grape hyacinths (known as grapies around here). These little flowers seem to be indomitable. The pop up in the lawn, cracks in the sidewalk, vacant lots, and even up in meadows on the mountain. I like them lots…and they smell good, too.

Besides being a good look at a side view of, two things about this picture are noteworthy. First, that really light yellow pollen is from the grape hyacinths. I’d have expected purple, but what do I know? The second is that good look at the tarsals – the toes or claws on the bee. Three of them at the end of each leg. Super-effective. Oh, and for no reason at all, note that the grapies open from the bottom up – a little shriveled at the bottom, just opening where the bee is at work, and closed just above her. Not surprising, but neat.

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