Honeybee on a Chrysanthemum

Honeybee on a Chrysanthemum

In the fall, I have a really bad habit of being impressed by these very large, very inexpensive plastic pots of ‘mums at Costco. So every year I buy one. And every year, it’s a challenge to figure out where to plant it. And they keep coming back – and hybridizing.

They’re a great flower for pollinators in the fall. Honeybees and that fly that mimics a bee (which one, right? there seem to be more than a few) seem to be the most fond of the ‘mums. But pollinators are pollinators.

The light on this one is a little blasting. Shade’s generally better for good photographs, but I like the shot nonetheless. It always tickles me to see the pollen baskets filling. And a filthy face doesn’t ever hurt.

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