Honeybee on a Caryopteris

Honeybee on a Caryopteris

I shot this one at the Ogden Botanical Gardens, too. Neat tongue on this one. This particular flower is wonderful for pollinators. Bumbles, honeybees, and lots of varieties of butterflies seem to flock to it. It blooms in late summer and early fall here in the Rockies and, at least here, just teems with them in the afternoon.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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3 thoughts on “Honeybee on a Caryopteris”

  1. As much as I love the filthy pollen covered bees, this is one of my all time favorites –all clean and shiny and sparkly with that glint in her eye, like she’s just heading out to get filthy;)
    And blurple is my favorite color!

  2. More like she’s headed out hoping there will be some guy with a camera with itchy fingers just waiting for something like her to post online…

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