Helianthemum Overdose

Need to get some on the pink, darker red, and orange ones… Stole a few moments to shoot yesterday and came up with a few good ones. I like this one a lot. Printed it again this morning…looks really good on paper.

(Mini Digression next.) Went to the city offices yesterday to see about having a mini, spontaneous art fair on our lawn. Seems like the default answer in those offices is “NO”!! Overheard a number of conversations between residents and “officials”, and that’s always the first play. Seems like, if they truly work for us, they’d be figuring out how to say “yes”…helping those for whom they ostensibly work. Not so. So…apparently I cannot use our lawn for a one-off art sale. I’m looking in to different venues, but…

Enjoy the bee. Beauty and calm and joy in that shot.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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