Great Sunflower – Great Bee

Current festival: On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (September 4-6), I’ll be in Avon, Colorado in Nottingham Park with my art. Stop by and have a look. Bonus here is that on Monday night, Los Lobos will be playing a free show.

So many of the shots that I post here, I need to crop some. Tickles me when I get a shot this close and clear that doesn’t require a crop. Might be a good candidate for the calendar. Also nice that this sunflower isn’t chewed up by the grasshoppers (yet). Most are. Good look at the veins in her left front wing. All in all, a neat shot.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

One thought on “Great Sunflower – Great Bee”

  1. that’s a “YES” photo for the calendar. I absolutely love love love your photos. the Russian sage goes on forever..bought a nice red and gold blanket flower at the end of the season. the bees couldn’t wait until I planted it. had Collarette dahlias this year and had more bees-honey and bumble-than ever before. a pollinators paradise. it was glorious.

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