First Attempt from the Gallery…in the Creeping Thyme

I don’t have broadband yet at the gallery, so I’m using my phone as a hotspot. The connection is…terrible. So…we’ll see if this works and how long it takes. Lots of kinks to work out with this new addition to life. You sure get a good look at her…and the tiny, tiny, tiny thyme blossoms. That concrete provides a nice background, too. And notice how the thyme is incursioning (I say that’s a verb) and, well, creeping. It recognizes no borders!

Sidenote: sad that the last sentence could be interpreted in today’s world. Not meant to be one. AND…I choose to use language and live life in ways that make sense to me. If someone wants to twist some strange meaning into what I say or how I write, it’s on them. Not me. Creeping thyme just doesn’t recognize boundaries!

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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