Finally on the Siberian Squill

Been waiting for shooting on the squill. But it was really cold today. And cloudy. And I made an error when I attached a 1.4x converter in that narrow window I had. When you put a converter (magnifier) between the lens and the camera, it really eats up a lot of light. And it was quite dark and cloudy for those few minutes I had to shoot. Wrong day for the converter. Not that it matters, ultimately. Because here’s a bee on the squill ;). Likely one from the returned hives. Does my heart good to see. And that blue pollen! Not only in the basket, but all over her.

Maybe tomorrow is warmer with a bit more light. Doesn’t really matter. A spring day is a spring day is a good day. I expect that from tomorrow.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

2 thoughts on “Finally on the Siberian Squill”

  1. Georgous shot!
    And very timely for me, I was in my hives on 3/21 and observed blue pollen coming in. This was new to me until I learned about the siberian squill.
    I’m really glad you were able to capture such a compelling image.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! Even a better look at the blue pollen on the 25th of this month (next day).
    I think I’ve observed white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and even greenish pollen, depending on what they’ve been into. Might be a good study or sub-page for the site. I’ll keep my eye out.

    And thank you for the kind words. Traffic’s a bit low on this site…so it’s really nice to know that people are appreciating this silliness.

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