Bonus – Essential Workers Identified!

I’ll have to admit to being frustrated by this lockdown. I’m non-essential. And how I’d make my living is currently verboten – with no real end in sight. So I sit and stew about choices and opportunities and find that I’ve put myself into a stupid spot. And by that I don’t mean chasing art – I do mean the stewing is counterproductive to anything worthwhile.

SO – it’s near-70F here. Beautiful day. I’ve got a full battery, an empty SD card, it’s light out, and I’m not wearing sunglasses… (cue Jake).

The bees KNOW they’re essential…or, better, they don’t know and don’t care and are doing their bee things. In this case, on a Rock Cress again. And I’ll do my thing – essential or no. And share a pic I just shot of a pretty girl on a pretty flower with a pretty full pollen bucket.

Made me smile. That essential thing. Hope it did you, too.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

2 thoughts on “Bonus – Essential Workers Identified!”

  1. I have a little trouble with red/green sometimes, and that’s a shade I guess I just cannot see. But…still some blue squill going on – and the tulips and a few crocuses left for the yellow.


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