Blue Pollen in Flight

Honeybee in Flight – it’s been into the Siberian Squill (Scilla siberica)

Catching a bee in flight with really legit, hair-on-the-eyeballs focus is way more luck than management. But it happens sometimes. It’s kind of a busy shot with that Squill in the foreground and mess elsewhere. That yellow/green spikey thing is called Jenny’s Stonecrop. But I call her Angelina (Sedum (Petrosedum rupestre subsp. rupestre ‘Angelina’)) and I might have a bit of a plant crush on her.

While it does bloom once a year (I’ll find some bee pics on it eventually), it’s mostly a ground cover. And a wonderful one at that. It’s heartier than…well…come up with your own metaphor (and include living on concrete in a pinch), it grows quickly, and keeps most of the weeds out. And it’s nice-looking as it changes color through the season. But one of the best things about it is that it’s not hard to remove if you need to (or if it’s wandered somewhere it does not belong). Not all ground covers behave that way.

Didn’t I just rant about ads on sites? Apparently today’s post was brought to you by Sedum ‘Angelina’. Ha!

And that bee is almost iconic with that full bucket of blue pollen. Pretty girl.

I shot this today, by the way. Loving spring!

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2 thoughts on “Blue Pollen in Flight”

  1. Absolutely love your photos!! So much detail and natural activity caught. I’ll be contacting you about using them on my sites….I keep bees in WA out on an island. We have different flora, but the people love to see the bees and especially now, escape to a place where there’s peace!! Thanks again for the shots….

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer. And I think you nailed it – that peace. Something meditative for me shooting them…then going through and posting the shots. Earthquakes here today (5.7 which is weird for Utah), that virus, strange stuff in the Zeitgeist. But the bees carry on. That peace.

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