Another Swarm…and Nonsense

Dunno what these little ones are up to. One of the hives that swarmed a couple of weeks ago swarmed again. But this time in a neighbor’s yard. I tried to catch it myself and it looked like I’d done it…but the box was pretty small…and maybe I missed the queen? Don’t know.

So…couple hours later, with Blake the Beekeeper at the helm and Carol the neighbor suited up, too, I think we got it done right. Maybe. Will look in the morning. Long afternoon wrangling bees…poorly.

The first attempt was only about 12 feet in the air. Was tricky. The next was maybe 25 feet up. Was sketchy. Fruit ladder, pole saw, etc.

Today’s shot is of one of the swarmergirls – before the first capture attempt. Have not had a chance to look at the pics of the swarm proper, but I don’t think any will be worth posting. The sun was very bright at midday…and the swarm was half in shadows and half in sunlight – so it’s alternatively too dark and too light. Anyway…enjoy this pretty one.

Update: Just checked the bigger box at about 7:00 a.m. Looks like the capture took. Another new hive. No idea why they’re swarming so much, though. That’s the second one out of that hive in the last couple of weeks.

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