Another Flying Above the Crocuses

Nice pollen basket on this one. Can’t see much of the wings, though. And that midday light. Trouble is the crocuses are closed and the bees are gone when the light is good. So we’ll all suffer together through the blown highlights and deep shadows.

In other news, it was nearly 70 degrees here yesterday. When I put the dog out this morning a bit after four, it was snowing. Truly springtime in the Rockies.

Oh, and most of my shots from yesterday I ruined. Had the shutter speed set to 1/100th of a second to shoot some static crocuses…and forgot to set it back. Even 1/1000th of a second isn’t quick enough for bees in flight, but looks like I caught this one okay at that speed. Folder full of blurry, flying bees. Not much value there. Felt good to be clicking again, though.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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