Digression – Offer: See my Other Work

I’m terrible at self-promotion. But I do make a living with my photography – mostly at art festivals and shows. Right now, for only a few more days (until May 10th), some of my work is available at: The Virtual Best of the Northwest Spring Market. Have a look there, not only at my stuff, but at the other accomplished artists there. There’s some incredible work.

You can also support this site, which I appreciate greatly, by clicking on the link on the right (or the bottom, if you’re using a phone) under the heading Support this Site.
Also, any of the photos on this site are available as prints…or in hexagons. Here’s an example of how the hexagons are being used in an office of a company whose name is bee-themed:

Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

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