Up in the Lavender – with an Iris Backdrop

A bit of frost on the (watered) grass last night. Not much, but felt it at about 4:00 a.m. crunchy. Brought the tropicals in last night, thankfully. They’ll get a little shocky, but should adjust quick.

Neat one on the lavender. Had the first of the year on the dahlias, but liked the iris leaves in the background better for today’s shot. Scrambling like mad today. Late post. Life closing in. Like the world is out of plumb and square and true lately. Don’t know if you’re feeling it, but seems like what was unquestionably reliable is a bit canted or twisted right now. Unsettling.

Enough of that. Here’s today’s bee:

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A Few on the Asters

Usually I post close-ups here, but today I wanted to show the riotousness of the autumn asters. So much going on right now. Jodybees (that’s how our beekeeper friend is saved in my phone) harvested honey a few weeks ago…and I think the little ones are scrambling to reload for winter. Today will be the last day in the 80s with 60s in the cards for the rest of the month. They’re hard at work on the myriad asters, sages, salvias, mums, and whateverelse is still in bloom. Oh, there are still iris firing, by the way. Some are the double bloomers – and some seem to be confused ;). Enjoy!

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Late Season Salvia

Such a super little one on a super flower. This one just keeps going. Which one – the bee or the flower? Seems both. Was shooting at an odd angle, some into the sun – so her body is translucing. Great tongue, wing, eye, antennae, face…and the salvia is gorgeous, too. Even the background’s fun in this one. Love the purples in it. The beauty in nature thrills me.

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Neat on an Agastache

Shot this a few days ago. Have a piece of glass that I reclaimed from an old, broken scanner (the platten) and built a frame for it out of poplar. Been looking for a shot that matched the dimensions well for a crop and came up with this.

It’s a little unconventional as far as composition goes, but I think it works for the shot and the glass/frame. The agastache is fading now…and I’ve been checking every day for bees. Really wanted a shot on it and I think I got a few good ones. Enjoy today’s!

Also, I’ll be in Fort Collins this weekend with this piece and many others. Printed a bunch of stuff as large as 40×60 and some of it is just stunning. Check out Art in the Square if you’re in the area – Civic Center Park – 225 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins.

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