September Bumble on a Sunflower

Kind of a strange thing posting bees in the winter. I’ve really got no process for it – finding a bee to post, I mean. Today, I selected the 2019 drive, selected September, and then a random day. Then I scrolled through a sub-folder until I found a shot that spoke to me. That’s today’s bee.

During bee season, I generally try to post a bee from the previous day. But the winter…very different and very random. Hope you enjoy the life and color like I do. Won’t be long before the bees are back, though. Caught a little one a few years ago on an optimistic crocus on Jan 29. That’s a little more than three weeks away. Who knows what this year will do. But the crocuses are loading up right now…and it won’t be long!

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DoubleBumble on a Sunflower

Looks like they’re both brown-belted bumbles. That doesn’t always happen. The same species, I mean, sharing a blossom. The other thing that rarely happens is having two bees in (near) focus at the same time. But here’s a nice, pollen-covered pair. Couple more months until the crocuses? We’ve had some in January, so here’s hoping. They’re nestled under the snow for now.

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On the Basil – Who Knew?

Well, that’s not really a fair question. If you have basil in the garden and let it bloom (that’s another question, isn’t it?), you’ll see that it’s hugely attractive to pollinators of all sorts. Wasps, flies, bees of all kinds, butterflies, etc. It’s a great one for attracting and feeding pollinators.

Plus there’s nothing like basil, fresh tomatoes, a little aromatic vinegar, olive oil, and buffalo mozzarella. A meal in itself. One of my favorite summer things.

Great bee. See the pollen on the hairs on her eye? Her tongue? Her face?

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Up in the Lavender – with an Iris Backdrop

A bit of frost on the (watered) grass last night. Not much, but felt it at about 4:00 a.m. crunchy. Brought the tropicals in last night, thankfully. They’ll get a little shocky, but should adjust quick.

Neat one on the lavender. Had the first of the year on the dahlias, but liked the iris leaves in the background better for today’s shot. Scrambling like mad today. Late post. Life closing in. Like the world is out of plumb and square and true lately. Don’t know if you’re feeling it, but seems like what was unquestionably reliable is a bit canted or twisted right now. Unsettling.

Enough of that. Here’s today’s bee:

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